End of the Year Performance

Noah and Josiah had their end of the year performance on May 24. They both did a great job! Each class performed three songs. Notice how even on stage Josiah is playing with his belly-button. I don't know how we're gonna break that habit. I love the way their eyes lit up when they saw us. I love how Noah keeps glancing towards us throughout his whole performance. He was looking at Caleb. At one point you see him say something and point during the bell song. That's because Caleb told him to ring his bell and Noah said, "No, I have to look over there." The music teacher flashed cards with the color of the bells and he had to wait until she flashed his color. I also love how he gives us a thumbs up at the end of that song. So sweet. The video is 10 minutes long, be warned. But so very cute! Here are some pics of the boys from the performance, too.


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