Easter Traditions

It's the week of Easter. I love Easter. And I love the traditions we have started as a family for the week of Easter. It helps us all, me included, to stay focused on truth, on grace, on our sin, on the cross. My mind is full right now as I contemplate all that Easter is and means. Too much to blog about right now.

But what I do want to do is remind you of some of our traditions, just in case you might want to join us this year.

Tonight we started our Lenten Lights devotion. We will do one devotion each night through Easter.

This week we will make Resurrection Eggs and retell the story over and over of Christ's death and triumph over death for our sake!

We will make Resurrection rolls and celebrate that He is alive!

And we will fill our Easter baskets with black rocks, to symbolize our sin, only to find on Easter morning that Jesus has taken away our sin and filled our baskets with blessing!

For more details and links about Lenten Lights, Resurrection eggs and Resurrection rolls check out last year's post here. For more details about Baskets Full of Blessings you can go here. And as always I will post with pictures after we finish our Easter week.


Carrie said…
This is exactly what we do! All of it! I got the basket of blessing idea from Katie Batten Last year -- do you know where the idea orginally came from?? And we do the Lenten Lights as well, and the Resurrection rolls. What a fun week!
I love your blog! Great ideas to use with my kids...gotta make some plans for this week.

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