Come See Me Festival

The first week in April we enjoyed our first Come See Me Festival here in Rock Hill. It is an annual festival in the Spring and I must say, I absolutely loved all of it! I am a small town girl at heart. I love the feeling of community and the small town events in a small town. I am most definitely not a country girl- I need my modern conveniences! Don't make me live far from my Chick-fil-a, stores, restaurants and parks! But I am not a city girl. I grew up in Warrenton, VA when it was a small town (it has grown up quite a bit since then). I remember Main Street closing every Saturday in December for Christmas festivities. I remember the Spring Festival every year. I loved those things and now I am so grateful to live in a town that feels very much the same (and yet is so close to my conveniences!!).

We began the Come See Me Festival with "Chalk on Main." They closed down Main Street and gave out sidewalk chalk for the kids to draw. It was a lot of fun! Then on Saturday the boys enjoyed the Mayor's Frog Jumping competition. They each got to choose a frog and race them- they were very brave each holding their frogs! EWWW!! It was very cute, however. They got to name their frogs. Caleb named his Froggy and Noah named his Frog- so creative, I know! Then we enjoyed some carnival-type rides. On Sunday we had Sundaes in the Park- ice cream sundaes, face painting, tomato planting, characters. We met our friends, the Chambers, there and had a great time. Then each evening of the week there were free concerts in the park. We went on Monday with the Chambers after our Family Night dinner at Chick-fil-a. And we went again on Wednesday and packed a picnic dinner. On Tuesday morning we went to the Library for craft time and the boys made some really cute crafts. Then on the next weekend, we closed Come See Me with a cook-out at our house with the Chambers. We went to a free children's carnival and then cooked out burgers and hot dogs. At 9:00 they shot off fireworks over Winthrop Lake which is literally right behind our neighborhood. We were able to see them from our front yard and avoid all the crowds and traffic! It was a really fun week. Here are some pictures of our adventures!


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