We Found a House

Yes, we found a house. Last weekend we went back up to Rock Hill to look at more houses for rent. We signed a lease. Originally we were going to wait until we had a renter for our house here before signing a lease in Rock Hill- the boys and I would stay here and Jack would go on without us (crashing at a friend's house) until we got a renter. But none of us liked this idea. This is a time of big transition for our family and we need to be together, plus we found a house that we like and the landlord was coming $400 down off the rent for us! We knew he wouldn't wait indefinitely for us to decide, so we stepped out in faith. We are trusting God to provide a renter for our house here and we went ahead and paid our security deposit, first month's rent and signed the papers! We are officially renters again (and still home owners too, wow). Continue to pray with us for God's provision. We know that He will meet all of our needs and we completely trust in His sovereignty in it all!

The house in Rock Hill is a brick ranch. It is in an amazing neighborhood with older houses- some small like ours and others quite large- with big yards, big trees and sidewalks. It is only 0.7 miles from Winthrop's campus which is awesome. It has a great screened in porch and a fenced back yard. When we saw the house on Saturday it was filthy.... seriously filthy. Originally the landlord said that since we were getting such a deal on the rent, we'd have to take care of cleaning it, but I am not sure he knew how bad it was! When he saw it with us, he apologized several times and said he was embarrassed at the state of the house- and then he said he's take care of getting it professionally cleaned! And he also said we could paint! A fresh coat of paint always makes things feel clean and fresh. So, today we went to our favorite Austell General Store and got 7 gallons of paint for $22! Jack and my dad are going to go up on Thanksgiving weekend and paint and do yardwork. Hopefully some of our new friends in Rock Hill will help too!

The house has a living room, formal dining room, kitchen with a family room/den ajacent, a large screened porch, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. We plan to put the piano, a sleeper sofa (for guests) and TV in the living room, our kitchen table in the dining room, and use the family room off of the kitchen as a playroom/school room/family space with the boys toys, our sofa, and a table for school time. I am pretty excited about getting it all set up! Here are the pics of the house. I'll post more after it is all cleaned and painted.

I have a lot to be grateful for this week, and always. Can you believe I am up to 200 in my list of 1,000 Gifts?

191. a house to live in
192. a landlord who blessed us with an affordable rent
193. a God who is greater and bigger than houses and rent
194. fresh paint for really cheap
195. feeling so loved and appreciated by our friends as we say good-bye
196. knowing that with Christ there is no such thing as good-bye
197. new friends and reuniting with old friends
198. a moving company to pack and load and unload
199. a few days with downtime together before the craziness begins
200. Him and His endless supply of gifts

920 Hawthorne Lane Ext. Rock Hill, SC 29730

 The Backyard

 The screened porch

The living room

The dining room

Looking from the family room/den into the kitchen

Looking from the kitchen into the family room/den


Virginia said…
YAY! What a praise! And trust me when I tell you- you are gonna LOVE having a screened in porch. It is by far my favorite thing about our home. It's great for the kids!

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