I Want This

It's just a want, not a need. I know that. I know the difference. But I really want this!

It is an in-car overhead DVD player. It is installed in the van so that all three boys can see it. It has infrared wireless headphones. It will be where I can reach it from the front seat. And soon, we'll have more miles and hours separating us from the grandparents and it sure would be nice to have something to entertain on those long car rides! Right now we have a portable DVD player. It is great, but every trip we have to get it hung so that Noah and Caleb can both see it and where it won't fall down and where the headphone wires can still reach it. And it is in the back with them so Josiah can't see it (which is not a big deal now, but give it a few months!) and somehow inevitably EVERY SINGLE TRIP they have some kind of issue- it skips or doesn't start right or they want to switch movies and I have to become a contortionist as I try to climb from my seat into the back seat, fix the problem and climb back again (all while the car is moving 70 mph down the interstate!). Don't get me wrong- I am grateful that we have the one we have. I can't imagine car trips without it! But on my wish list, my wants but not needs list, is an installed DVD player for our van. So, any of my wealthy readers interested in helping me fulfill my "purely superfluous full of wants not needs list" can go here to get me one! :)


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