A Day in the Life....

.... of the mother of 3 year old, 1 year old and 2 months old boys!

So today is Wednesday which is the day we go to the library for storytime. We haven't been for a few weeks so Caleb was very excited about going today. Storytime is at 11, but that is right when Josiah needed to eat. So, what to do, what to do? Ok here's the plan... get Caleb and Noah dressed and ready to go, even put their shoes on and threaten the life out of them if they take them off! Then feed Josiah at 10:45 which is only a little early and leave for the library at 10:55. Can we do it? Well, kind of. Josiah got fed, but boy it sure does take a long time to get three boys strapped into their carseats! But we got to the library at 11:05, not too shabby huh? Man, this mom has it together!

No so fast, my friend...... as we hurriedly arrive at the library we see storytime ending. That's right. Storytime is at 10:30, not 11! Yes, we have been to storytime about 8,000 times!! So, why for the life of me can I never remember what time it starts?!?! Oh I know, I have three kids which means I now opperate on only 1/3 of the brain power I had before kids! Anyway, at this point, Caleb is very upset with me. Susan, the children's librarian, loves the boys and they love her and she had pulled a special book for Caleb and had it waiting for him the next time he came in. When she brought him the book he tells her, "I am sad with Mommy because she drove too slow and we didn't make it to storytime!" Susan just laughed and then gave me a bookmark that read, "Storytime, Wednesdays at 10:30" Guess I'll put that one on the fridge!

So, we just stayed at the library and played with the dinosaurs and puzzles and found books to check out. But, for some reason, today Noah was WIDE OPEN. I could not keep up with him! I remember when he was a baby, we all thought he'd be the serious one. Boy were we wrong! That kid is crazy... I mean C-R-A-Z-Y! He was pulling books off the shelves faster than I could pick them up! He was chattering quite loudly in his baby gibberish. And I could barely get the books checked out for you see, when we arrived at the librbary, I let the boys drop our books we were returning into the book drop at the front desk. Apparently, Noah remembered this and so as I was trying to check out our new books, Noah was taking all of the brochures on the stand by the desk and dropping them into the book drop! Susan, just chuckled and said, "I bet your days are full!"

As we left the library, of course, Caleb had to go potty. And this is not such a bad thing seeing as Josiah has just had a blow-out. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it is when a baby well, "blows-out" their diaper! So, to the restroom the three of us head. Unfortunately, there is no baby changer in the bathroom. So, we hall three head into the handicapped stall (and I don't think anyone watching at this point would argue with that one!). Caleb goes potty while I attempt to change a Josiah's massive diaper on THE FLOOR! Thankfully, the diaper bag has a changing mat that I was able to put down. But of course, while this is all going on, I look over and Noah is unrolling the toilet paper onto the floor. How do I finish with the diaper change I am smack in the middle of, stop Noah from unrolling the entire roll and help Caleb get his pants back up? I have no idea, but somehow it happened. We finished up in the stall, I got everyone out, and flushed the toilet (this must happen after everyone is out of the stall as Caleb and Noah are both afraid of the flushing of public toilets since many of them are rather loud and a bit violent!). Now I need to figure out how to wash our hands since I am slightly grossed out by all that we have just done!

Meanwhile, Jack has called to say he is going to Chick-fil-a with a friend for lunch. Are you kidding me? Seriously, of the two of us, who needs a lunch break more??? Who deserves a little Chick-fil-a heaven?? I do of course! So, I load the kids into the van and we head to Chick-fil-a ourselves! We actually had a very uneventful, almost peaceful lunch. I was thinking, "Ok, now the craziness has seemed to subside." Ooops, spoke too soon. Caleb finished up and threw away his milk. Noah, of course, must do EVERYTHING that Caleb does. So, he heads to throw his milk away too, only he has taken his straw out so the little hole is open in the top of the milk. And before I can get to him, he stands on his little tip toes, reaches the milk towards the trash can opening, it tips over and he spills milk on his head. Yes, literally on his head. All I can do now is laugh as I get him cleaned up!

And now we are home and all three boys are blissfully asleep. Whew, what a morning we had! To answer Susan's thought about our days being full. Yes, they are... full of chaos!! :) But they are also full of joy and laughter, smiles, hugs and kisses. Today was crazy, but it was also fun! The boys had a great time and truthfully, I did too. I am exhausted now, but I wouldn't trade my day for someone else's and I woudn't trade my life as a mommy. So here's to about 18 more years of chaos and confusion.... more spilled milk and potty breaks.... more diaper blow-outs and scenes at the library.... more smiles, more laughter and a whole lot more love! And next week, storytime at 10:30!


The Maguire's said…
this is a great post....totally hilarious...you gotta be a brave mom, carrie, i don't know how you do it. but i'm glad you love it so much. it's fun to watch you be soooo happy. you deserve it!

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