Another year older.....

Well, yesterday was my birthday. I am 31 years old. And I am blessed beyond measure- 8 years married to my best friend, 3 precious boys, what more could any woman want on her birthday.... oh, wait, I know.... a big dinosaur hat!

So Monday night, Jack took Caleb and Noah to get my birthday gift. And when he asked Caleb what he wanted to get me he said, "A big dinosaur hat!" And so off to Walmart they went.

When they got to Walmart, Caleb said, "We need to ask someone to help us, Daddy. Oh, look, there's someone!" And off he went to ask two Walmart workers for help. I hear the conversation went something like this:

"Excuse me. I need a big dinosaur hat. It's my mommy's birthday and she really wants a big dinosaur hat."

And after a chuckle, one clerk responded, "Well maybe we have something in the Halloween section." And off they went to look.

But, alas, there were no big dinosaur hats. To which Caleb responded, "Aw man! How about a big ball hat?"

"No, we don't have those either"

"Aw man!"

And so, the boys walked around looking for a great gift for mommy and as they walked past the produce aisle, Caleb exclaimed, "Daddy, I know EXACTLY what Mommy wants for her birthday...." And he proceeded to study the apple cart very closely before grabbing an apple.

And so Tuesday morning, I was given a card and the best gift ever.... a not so ripe, kinda mushy apple chosen for me by the sweetest little boy on the planet!


Christie said…
That is so funny!!!! My birthday is Sunday and the girls had phud take them last week to get my present that they chose.... Phud warned me that they picked them out all on their own so I can't wait to see what it is on Sunday! Happy late birthday!!!! I am so glad it was such a great day! :-)
Jodi Rae Bailey said…
Carrie...precious!!!! Don't you wish you could keep that apple forever. I hope you took your picture with it. Happy Birthday precious gal!

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