Our Not So Calm and Quiet House

This video is a typical morning here in our household. Caleb talks from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep! And Noah is not far behind him! No more nice quiet mornings around here, but I love it. Just today, Caleb put his face close to the toilet to watch his toilet paper go down, and when he did he realized that his voice kinda echoed. So, he excitedly said, "Mommy watch this!" and he proceeded to yell "I love you Mommy!" into the toilet! And as you will see in the video, Noah has started crawling this week! So, yes, life as we know it is over. The day he started crawling he pulled on wires, got up on the fireplace, got my magazines on the coffee table and destroyed them and got into Caleb's crayons and ate them! I guess it's time to babyproof again. With the first one, you can't wait for them to reach each milestone. With the second well, let's just say that I looked at Noah one day this week and said, "Why did you have to start crawling?!?! It was much easier when you just sat there!" Ahh well, each stage brings its own joys and challenges I am discovering! Bring it on!


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