Vacation Top 10 List

We hope you enjoy this video Jack made with the highlights of our amazing vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida. We went back to the same condo we went to last year and we had a great time. The video says it all, but here are our Top 10 Vacation moments:

10. Ice Cream and Cookies every night- hey if you can't on vacation when can you?!?

9. Noah's morning naps in the sun tent on the beach- so sweet!

8. Eating at Reggae J's Island Grill- yummy!

7. Riding the 'train' at Pier Park.

6. Daddy and Caleb digging (or destroying) tunnels on the beach!

5. Walking on the sandbar

4. The pool!! The boys LOVED it!

3. Great family pictures on the beach!

2. Quality family time and we didn't talk about church stuff one time!

And the number 1 vacation moment......

1. Naps for everyone every afternoon!!


It looks like you guys had a great time! Vacation is so wonderful...I loved watching the videos of the boys. They are so sweet and they look like you. You are also sounding more southern than ever:)
Anonymous said…
Wow! What a fun video and great pictures that you sent via email. I smiled the entire time. Your family is precious! Always love to see what is going on with the Blankenships! Love you!
Jodi Rae Bailey
Pops and Gammie said…
What fun, Carrie! I love your video clips. It's a great way to see and hear your boys as they grow up so quickly ~ I know your folks are really enjoying each blog. Take care & love you guys!

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