A Day at the Zoo

Yesterday we took our first trip to the Atlanta Zoo. And what a fun day we had! The weather was very nice and the zoo was not very crowded. Caleb couldn't wait to see the "aminals" at the "zook!" Everyone was in a great mood. We got there in time to see the elephant with his trainer up close and personal. Caleb greatly entertained the crowd at the tiger cage with his ferocious roars! We got to the gorilla pen just as they were throwing apples down for them to eat and we watched the mommy and babies eat apples. Noah chilled in his stroller and was so good! Caleb and Daddy enjoyed the playground at the zoo while Mommy fed Noah and then we enjoyed a picnic lunch. And just as exciting as the animals, the zoo had a train! After lunch we took a ride on the train and then visited the petting zoo where Caleb touched every animal! One of our favorites was the panda. Caleb really liked them... so much that he didn't want to move on! We had so much fun we bought season passes so we can do back as much as we want! Enjoy a few pictures from our day and watch the video Jack made of our little trip.

A family self portrait aboard the train!

Our little meerkats!


Anonymous said…
Soooo cute!! Loved the Panda scene and the roaring tiger!!! My nephew Garrett went to the zoo the other day and fell in love with the panda too! How fun!
Anonymous said…
I love keeping up with your family Carrie! The boys are adorable! And my, what a southern accent you have developed!!
Our Crazy Life! said…
Remember us?!?!? This is Kyle and Leah Grizzard. Great to see your blog! Let's keep in touch.

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