Playing Putt-putt

So last night, since it is Spring Break, we took the students to Mountasia- a place with putt-putt, bumper boats, go-karts, ect. And we took Caleb with us and decided to try putt-putt. What fun we had!

We began the course with Caleb throwing Mommy's golf ball into the waterfall, sending Daddy back inside for a new ball! We barely stopped him from throwing his own ball! Then we worked on hitting the ball with the club (which we ended up call a "stick!"). Caleb did a great job hitting the ball off of the mat, but then he cried with joy, "Caleb get it!" and he ran down the green after his ball and grabbed it up. Then he dropped the ball into the hole and cheered for himself. Next we watched Daddy hit his ball, and of course, Caleb cried with joy, "Caleb get it!" and he grabbed up Daddy's ball and dropped it into the hole with applause. Needless to say, we did not keep score. But we had a wonderful time. Oh the joys that our children bring us.

What do you think of Caleb's form?

This is the first hole- see the pond on the left? That's where Mommy's ball went!

What happed to my ball?? This is what Caleb did at every hole!

Noah wants to play!

He had a good time too!


The Maguire's said…
wow, noah sure looks like caleb!!
I have TAGGED you ... ;-)
Anonymous said…
you are precious to me! what a joy to read your heart on the page. love the pic of caleb looking into the hole! how funny!

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