Raising a 2 year old sure is interesting! Just recently Caleb has become very fond of the word "Mine" when playing with friends. He and his cousin Hayden, who have always played so well together, spent their last playdate fighting over toys. And so we have really been working on the concept of sharing.

It is a hard concept to teach. And as we try to talk to Caleb about sharing, the thought crosses my mind, "Can he really understand what we are saying? Are we just wasting our breath here?" Maybe the concept of sharing is too complex, maybe when they fight over a truck, we should just find a second truck so they can both have one. But the other night, something precious happened. Jack and I were putting Caleb to bed and we both were hugging him and we starting "fighting" over him saying, "My Caleb!" We were all laughing and having fun and then Caleb stopped and said, "Mommy and Daddy share Caleb."

At first we thought this was so cute. But the more we thought about it we realized that it was not only cute, but every empowering for us as parents. You mean, what we teach Caleb and say to him actually gets in that little head of his? He actually understands what it means to share! Of course, understanding sharing and actually doing it are two different things! And so the parenting continues.....


This post is PRICELESS! Your efforts have been successful in teaching him to share!


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