The Itinerary

 Well, friends. Here it is. The great Blankenship Out West Adventure itinerary. The plan is that in the coming days, I will come back here to add links to the specific places we stayed, companies we used, activities we did and more! I hope this will help some of you plan an amazing adventure for yourselves. 

Because of Jack's sabbatical this summer, we were able to make this a 2 week long trip. You could easily adapt this itinerary for a 1 week trip or extend it for even longer. 

Day 1- Fly to Denver. Pick up the RV. Grocery shop at Walmart. Drive to Estes Park, CO

Day 2- Explore Rocky Mountain National Park 

Day 3- Pack up and drive to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Enjoy a swim in the world's largest hot springs pool!

 Day 4- Drive to Moab, Utah. Play disc golf at the city park, see the sunset at Canyonlands National Park. (planned a Sunset Hummer Tour for this night, but it was cancelled for lightning). 

Day 5- Arches National Park. End the day at the pool and laundry of the KOA. 

Day 6- Drive to Bryce Canyon National Park. Watch the Sunset at Inspiration Point. 

Day 7- Bryce Canyon National Park and a nighttime telescope tour

Day 8- Pack up and head to Zion National Park (only a short drive!). Check in to campsite and spend the day in Zion. 

Day 9- Drive to Grand Canyon. Make a pit stop in Page, Arizona to swim, see Horseshoe Bend and go grocery shopping at Walmart. 

Day 10- Grand Canyon National Park

Day 11- Drive to Gallup, New Mexico. Stop on the way to drive through Petrified Forest National Park and the Painted Desert. Boondock at a Cracker Barrell. 

Day 12- Drive to Colorado Springs, CO. Boondock at Cracker Barrell. 

Day 13- Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, followed by Pike's Peak. Drive to Denver and check into hotel. Clean RV. 

Day 14- Turn in RV and spend the day in Denver. 

Day 15- Fly home

There you have it- the bare bones itinerary. I am going to come back and add details for each day with even more information! Hope this is enough to whet your appetite. It was an incredible adventure! You should do it too! 


Norah Ashley said…
Loved reading this thank yyou

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