Time for Your Letter from Hogwarts

 Dearest Josiah,

You are 11 today! It's time for your letter from Hogwarts (as you keep reminding me!). 

These past 11 years with you have been filled with crazy joy. I've told you before the story of how God gave you to me just when I really needed you. In the midst of a particularly hard season, the Lord saw fit to give me a son filled with joy and affection.

This year has been a good one for you. Another year of Showtime Theatre Company. This year is was Madagascar- where you had 6 roles, I think? During one dress rehearsal, Ms. Danielle and I giggled through the first few scenes, because "Here comes Josiah in yet another costume!" You loved every minute- especially your big stage fall as the ship captain. 

You started drum lessons and are still taking piano lessons. I love to watch you flourish in the arts. Singing, acting, drums, piano- and you're begging to start guitar. Just this week, you listened to a piano line in one of our worship songs at church and figured out how to play it on the piano yourself. I can't wait to see you continue to grow and flourish with these gifts. 

You finsihed reading the Harry Potter series this year, too. It sure was fun to finish them together and talk about all the characters and events. You remind me of Harry- a Gryffindor who could be a Slytherin- strong, brave, loyal, but at times impulsive and driven by emotion. 

This year also held a big moment in your life- your baptism. Though you surrendered to the Gospel last summer, Dad and I were waiting for your baptism- waiting to see the work of the Lord in your life And we have seen it this year. The Lord is working in you and we are so thankful. It was a joyous day watching you publically commit to following Christ. 

Josiah- you are a gift to our family. You are fun and silly. You are affectionate and loving. You are smart and courageous. You are exasperating and over the top. You feel BIG feelings. We pray that as you continue to grow, God uses these big emotions for His glory and your good. We pray that he uses them to help you connect with people, show empathy and compassion- to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. 

Happy 11th Birthday Siah! We love you, no matter what, forever and ever!


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