Nine and Feelin' Fine

My dearest Eden-girl,

It's the evening of your 9th birthday. We just had the most wonderful princess spa day party. You and your friends were pampered- nails, make-up and hair- and you even had a photo shoot before a fancy patio dining experience where your brothers volunteered to serve as waiters. It was a truly wonderful day and I am pretty sure you neve stopped smiling.

Eden, you are a gift to so many. You are kind and sweet and a good friend. I loved watching you with your sweet friends today. So much joy. But you are not just a gift to your friends, you are also a gift to our family. My oh my, what would we do without you?!? The Lord surely knew how much we needed your sugar and spice around here!

You have grown so much this year. You performed in your first musical and shined brightly on stage. You and I have sung our hearts out in the kitchen this year, especially to Frozen 2 songs! You started piano lessons recently that I really think you have a natural talent for it. Music speaks to your heart sweet girl. Dad and I have always been amazed at how quickly you can learn a song!

This was also the year of travel. You flew on a plan for the first time to Puerto Rico. We went to Auburn for a football game in the rain. We spent a weekend in Chattanooga. So much fun!

You also love dogs. So much. We planned to get a puppy this summer, but the Lord had other plans. Hopefully we will get you one this winter! Though everyone is excited about adding a puppy to our family, no one as much as you. 

You are a good sister, but you are also a pest, too! :) I hope and pray your sweet relationship with your brothers will continue for your whole life.

You are a chatterbox! Sometimes I wonder how it's possible that you never seem to run out of words to say! But I am also so thankful for our sweet conversations and for a precious daughter to talk with and shop with and sing with.

Eden Frances, you are my best friend. I love you so very very deeply. You are a beautiful young lady, but what shines the brightest is your love for Jesus. I pray you will continue to ask questions, seek the truth and cling tightly to the love that Christ has for you.

Happy 9th Brithday girly! We love you, no matter what, forever and ever!


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