A Decade of Sweetness

Dear Noah,

It's the night of your 10th birthday. What a wonderful day it has been! It snowed about 3 inches today. We celebrated with friends and played in the snow all day.

I really can't believe you are ten years old, my sweetest boy. It's hard to believe that my rolly-polly baby is now a tall bean pole of a boy.

This year you played flag-football and you really seemed to hit your groove. You were a great running back, patient to find your holes and then exploding with speed and moves like Kerryon Johnson or Le'veon Bell. It sure was fun to watch you. You also ran your first Triathlon this past summer and came in 3rd! You really seemed to enjoy it- even in the July heat!

Besides sports, you also really like to draw. Lasts Spring you took a watercolor class, which you enjoyed, but this fall we were able to get you started with drawing classes. You have loved your weekly class with Garrett. It's really nice to watch you have your own thing.

Noah, you are joy to be around. Quiet and unassuming, you always put others before yourself. As a brother and as a friend, you love so well. It's been really sweet watching your friendship with Josiah, especially, flourish this year.

Every night, at bedtime, you like to tell me that you love me more. But, buddy, it's just not possible. You are a beautiful gift to me. Your gentle spirit challenges me and touches me. I love the way you care for others, the way you listen so well. I love watching you grow and become your own person. Noah Jackson, so like your daddy, we pray that God would continue calling you to himself, that you would grow in your knowledge of him and understanding of the gospel. We're so thankful we get to call you our son. We love you, no matter, what forever and ever. Happy 10th Birthday Noah-bear!


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