Sugar and Spice for 6 years

Dearest Eden,

It's the evening of your 6th birthday. It's been a super busy day. You started out at Nature Navigators- a nature camp where you played in the dirt and collected earth worms today- with your bare hands. Then we came home, cleaned up, put on a dress, did your hair, put on lip gloss and headed to the nail salon with friends for a mani/pedi. This day describes you to a T, my girly little tomboy.

6 years with a lot of sugar and spice and everything nice in our house. You are growing in a precious young lady. You are sweet and kind- you love to hug, you want to be a mom, you are a good friend. But you are also tough as nails- you don't put up with anything from those brothers of yours, you are super rough with the college guys (sometimes I have to tell you to be gentler!). You still love everything princess and dress up. You love to dance and sing.

You learned to read this year and you are doing really well! It was a joy to be your teacher. I loved watching you learn and grow. You loved dance again this year- ballet and tap. Disney World was a very fun trip for you- we saw so many princesses. I'll always remember the wonder on your face as you met the "real" princesses. You swam on the swim team this year and I was so proud of you! You were the youngest on the team, but you did a great job. By the final meet, you swam all 4 strokes and came in 1st in backstroke.

Eden, you are my sweet best friend. I love our time together- snuggled up on the couch watching "girl shows." You are such a gift to me and I am so grateful God saw fit to bless us with you. Daddy and I love you so much and we pray that God will grown you into a godly young woman who loves and follows Him above all else. Happy 6th Birthday my Eden girl. I love you, no matter what, forever and ever.



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