Eleven Years as a Mom

Today marks 11 years since I became a mother. 11 years. It's hard to believe. I remember being so nervous and so excited to meet you. We had already chosen your name, Caleb for Caleb in the Bible- the spy with Joshua who remained faithful to God even in the midst of intimidating circumstances and immense peer pressure, and Moffett after me and my family. We had already fallen head over heals in love with you through your sonogram pictures, feeling you move, praying for you, talking to you. You were born at 6:01 pm on a Friday. Your head was huge. I'll always remember the doctor exclaiming- "Whoa, big head!" You looked just like me, and your Pop-Pop, and you were perfect. I remember that your dad couldn't stop crying. I'd look over at him while we were in the hospital and he'd just be staring at you and crying. It's pretty overwhelming, becoming a parent.

You were an exceptional baby. Seriously. You ate like a champ, you slept through the night- 9 hours!- when you were 9 weeks old- a perfectionist/Type A even as a baby, I think! You spoke early- and a lot. Man, could you ever talk- that has not changed!

Caleb Moffett, man, being your mom for the past 11 years has been a dream come true. You have grown from a sweet and easy baby to a smart and responsible young man. You love the Lord and it is so evident He is working in your life. You are reading your Bible every morning and discussing what you read with Dad, you are running the computer for worship at BCM, you have started serving on the set-up team at church. You are an exceptional helper. If I ask you to do anything, I know you will do it, almost always with a cheerful and willing heart.

You have excelled in your studies- doing math 2 years ahead and reading on an 8th grade level. You love to read- we can't keep you stocked with books! Yesterday afternoon you checked out a book from the library. Today at lunch, I noticed you were on page 190! You are an expert at all things Harry Potter and Star Wars. You are an excellent conversationalist and still enjoy talking a lot!

You are a natural leader and younger kids always follow your lead. But you are also gentle and kind- especially to younger kids. They look up to you, but you never act like you are too old to play with them or talk to them and you make them feel included and listened to. I love that about you.

You are also stubborn and opinionated- I might know where those traits come from ;) We're a lot alike, you and me. And sometimes that means we have conflict- but usually it just means we get each other. I get you. You get me. We might fuss, but we forgive easily.

Caleb, I don't know that the future holds for you. But I pray you will continue to seek after the Lord, to love serving others, to lead well and grow in wisdom. Your Dad and I love you so much and we are so proud of the young man you are becoming, right before our eyes. Happy 11th Birthday, Bubby. Thanks for making me a mom. I love you, no matter what, forever and ever.



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