Disney World- Day 2

Day 2 at Disney World was spent at Magic Kingdom. We had a great day!

The park was super crowded because it was the only day of the week that Magic Kingdom didn't close early for Mickey's Halloween Party. So, I guess everyone made Wednesday their Magic Kingdom day. But we still had a great time.

Eden got to see lots of Princesses! She also got to wear her amazing Rapunzel dress that was made by her Nana. She loved every minute. Disney really does it up right. The princesses were awesome- they even sounded like their animated counterparts! Eden had full on conversations with them. Even the workers who monitored the lines were awesome. When we were waiting for our turn with Ariel, the guy holding the line asked Eden where Pascal was (the chameleon in Tangled). She giggled when she realized he "thought" she was Rapunzel.

The meeting Belle is an experience, not just a meeting. We timed it perfect, as the line had been long all day, but got in when it was just a 15 minute wait. Josiah was chosen to be the Beast because his roar was so awesome. He was so cute dancing with Belle!

All day long the kids were dying to ride the Seven Dwarf's Mine Train, but the wait time was over 3 hours all day. We decided to try to watch the fireworks from behind Cinderella's castle instead of in front, just in case the line went down during the fireworks. When the fireworks started, the line time was still 2 hours and I told the kids it probably wasn't going to happen. By this time it was 10 pm- so major meltdown happened. Then as the fireworks were going, I looked up and the sign said 70 minutes. I told Jack I was going to go over and ask the girl monitoring the line if it was really 70 minutes. She told me it was probably less- so I motioned to everyone to come quickly! We ended up standing in line for only 5 minutes!!! It was awesome!! And the kids LOVED it. Highlight of the day.

We stayed in Magic Kingdom until after midnight! The kids did amazing! I was so proud of them. We got there at 8 AM and stayed until after midnight and everyone had a great time.We got to ride almost everything we wanted, except Space Mountain. The line was long all day and we just didn't get a chance to ride it. But we had an awesome day!

(This is my favorite picture of the whole trip)


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