Eden's Dance Recital

Yesterday we had Eden's dance recital. This year she did a tap number and a ballet number. Fair warning: this post is going to be full of pictures! You can't take video during the recital, but you can during the dress rehearsal. So the videos are from the dress rehearsal and the pictures are from the actual recital. The pictures make my heart happy. She literally beamed from ear to ear during the entire performance. The place was packed, so we didn't get the best seats. I'm so glad we had a zoom lens on the camera.

Flowers from each of her brothers, Grammy and Pop-Pop, and Nana and Paw-Paw. Plus a trophy- "Mommy, my trophy has 2 stars because I'm such a good dancer!"

Here are the videos from the dress rehearsal. She cracked me up on the ballet number as she was trying really hard to see me in the audience. So, she didn't do the entire dance because she was looking for me! She didn't do that during the recital, though. Enjoy!

Here is her tap number: "Baby Take A Bow"

And her ballet number: "So Long, Farewell"


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