I recently saw a Facebook post from a mom whose child had turned 9 saying they were at halftime. My last 9 years flashed before my eyes..... halftime?!?! HALFTIME?!?! You can't be serious. I can't be halfway towards raising this kid to adulthood. How did this happen so fast?!?!

Dearest Caleb,

You are 9. I just don't know how that happened. I really don't. The past 9 years have flashed by in joyous wonder. I love being your mom. I really do. Cause you are awesome and I really like you.

You are so smart and mature. Sometimes it's like talking to a friend when I talk to you. It is a joy watching you grow in your relationship with the Lord. You understand the Gospel and scripture more and more each day. Discussing it with you is my favorite part of our homeschool day.

You and I are so much alike. It means we have conflict sometimes, but we forgive quickly. You are a go getter and a leader. You love fiercely.

It has been a joy watching you grow to love reading, just like your dad and me. You just finished reading Where the Red Fern Grows and you loved it. You cried at the end, and that made my heart rejoice. I knew that you didn't just read the book, you connected to the story and the characters! Yes!

You hate math. Which is so strange, because you excell at math. You are working 2 grade levels above you and have no trouble at all. You say it's boring. I wonder if one day, you'll change your mind- I did!

I do adore you, sweet boy. I can't believe we are already halfway to 18. I'm gonna have to really cherish these next 9 years, cause I know they are going to fly by. I pray everyday that God would continue to soften your heart to Him and His word. That you would continue to grow in the knowledge of Him. That our relationship will be bonded together in love. That God would redeem my broken parenting and our hard days for His glory and for our good.

Happy 9th Birthday, Caleb. I love you, no matter what, forever and ever.


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