Happy Birthday Eden!

My dearest Eden,

Oh how quickly these 3 years have flown by. You have grown so much. Everyday I am amazed at you! You are a mess. You always make us laugh. You have an infectious joy- I don't know anyone who doesn't smile in your presence. You are silly and happy most of the time and bring a light into our lives.

You love to sing! And you have an amazing memory. You only have to hear a song a few times before you know the words. Right now, without a doubt, Frozen songs are your favorite. But you also love Part of Your World that Ariel sings. And you love worship songs, too. Probably your favorites right now are Christ is Risen by Matt Maher and Sovereign Over Us by Aaron Keys. Some deep theology for a 3 year old!

You love to have your toenails painted. You call them "pretty toes." You love pink and purple and anything princess. But you also love to run, and get dirty, and do anything your brothers do. You love animals- you love Macy and Sasha- when they are around you are never far away. And when we went fishing- you were right in the middle of everything- holding the worms, holding the fish and tossing the fish back in the water. My favorite was when Noah caught his first fish. While Daddy was getting the fish off the hook, you got your face right down next to the fish and said, "Aww, I love you little fish!"

As has been the truth for the past 3 years, your brothers and your Daddy are wrapped. You still call Caleb "Bubby" and I love it. And boy does he love you! Your brothers all love to make you laugh. They were so excited for your birthday today. And your Daddy- man that guy is head over heals for you, little girl. But you have that way with the men in your life- Pop-Pop, Paw-Paw, Luke, Tyler- well none of them can resist you.

And I.... well Eden, I just didn't know how special a daughter was before you. So many times when people see our family out, they'll comment, "Oh I guess you're done now that you finally got that girl." And that has always bothered me. Your Daddy and I, we didn't keep having kids because we were unhappy to have so many boys and we just really had to have a girl. We love your brothers to the moon and back- and we honestly figured you'd be another boy, too. And we were excited either way. But man oh man, you have changed our lives. You are such a gift to me, precious girl. God blessed this home and this family with you. I love you more than you know.

Eden Frances, we pray everyday that God will bless you. That you will know and love Jesus and find your security, value and worth in Christ. I pray that God will bind us together in joy and love. You were the perfect addition to this family 3 years ago and we are grateful everyday that God gave you to us. Happy Birthday!


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