This poor little blog was woefully neglected this Spring. I guess we just got too busy! But my smart phone was never far away and I did manage to get some pics of all the fun we had from January to May and post them to Instagram. So for all of you who are not on Facebook or Instagram, here is a pictorial review of our Spring!

Mother/Son Date

First Braid!

 Date Night!

School Days

Happy Birthday Jack!

Collegiate Conference

Captain America?

Learning about China? Grab some Chinese food for lunch!

Learning about ocean animals? Dissect a shark!

 Homeschool Convention in Greenville, SC

Nice day? How about school in a hammock!

 Remedy Kids serving at Chick-Fil-A

 Come See Me Festival

Selfies with Mom!

 Geography Game- We know where 106 countries are!

 Noah lost his 1st tooth!

 First and last days of K and 2nd grade!

New reading lights for the bunks

Pitty toes!!

Hanging out with Luke

Christening the pool!

Cousin Time!

Putt-putt with Grammy and Pop-pop

Swim team time!

Hopefully I'll be better at posting this summer. But seeing how it is July 1 tomorrow, I wouldn't hold your breath! ;)


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