Happy Birthday Noah!

Dearest Noah,

How is it possible you are already 6? I am in denial. Deep denial. These years are flying by. Last night, as I tucked you in, I told you about the night before you were born 6 years ago. It snowed. In Georgia. Aunt Stacey, Hayden, Grammy and Pop-Pop were at our house waiting for you. And it started snowing.

I just don't feel like that was 6 years ago! You have grown into such a precious boy. Noah, what I love most about you is your heart. You challenge me everyday with the way you love. You are so compassionate and kind. I am challenged by the way you put others first. Just this week we went on a Mother-Son date and the whole time you asked me over and over if we could bring something special home for your brothers and sister.

You are so smart. I love listening to you read to me! You are doing so great in school. I am always impressed with how quickly you understand a new concept- especially in math. You are like a sponge- you just soak in when we read you stories and talk about the Bible together.

You still like to sit by me and play with my hair while we read a book. I treasure that. I know it won't be long before you don't do that anymore.

Noah, we love you so much. We pray for you everyday- that God would draw you to himself and use your sweet, tender heart for His glory. Son, there is nothing we long for more for you. You are a gift to this family. Happy 6th Birthday, Noah Jackson. We love you, no matter what, forever and ever!



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