Eden's Birthday

Today we had a few friends over to celebrate Eden's birthday. We sang, ate cake and opened presents. Super low key, but fun! I made a Hello Kitty cake for Eden. She loves Hello Kitty because she has a Hello Kitty thermos and Hello Kitty shoes. Whenever she wants one of them she says, "Oh kicky." It is the cutest. So I just had to make her a Hello Kitty cake.

She got her kitchen today and friends and family gave her accessories like food, pots, oven mits, an apron and a vacuum cleaner. She loved it all. Every kid at the party loved the kitchen. I got a picture of all of them surrounding it trying to cook. So cute!

 Eden and her intended, Judah, scarfing down some cake!

 Eden ate hers with her hands!

It's a cooking frenzy!


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