End of the Year Performance and Graduation

Last week, Noah graduated from Preschool and Josiah had his end of the year performance. We took video for your viewing pleasure. The boys were so cute. They sang songs and played bells. Noah was precious in his cap and gown. During his first song, he danced "the robot." His robot was so cute! He barely moves his hands. I love his face. So cute.

And Josiah was so cute during his performance. They both sang a song called Jesus is My Superhero. It was so cute.

I can't believe how big Noah has gotten. He has grown so much this year. He is reading now and he is still such a sweet, compassionate boy. I am looking forward to teaching him next year!

Here are a few pics from their day and then the videos. Warning: they are each about 10 minutes long!!

Noah and his teacher, Ms. Mellen 

The graduate

Josiah and his teachers, Ms. Katie and Ms. Laura


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