I love Pinterest. It's such a great way to find new recipes, projects, crafts, ideas and keep them all organized. But if I am not careful, I find that I pin a lot and don't actually do anything with what I pinned. What's the point in incessantly pinning things that I am never going to do? So, I thought as a was of inspiring us all to get started on some of those Pinterest ideas, I am sharing some of my pins that I've actually done and liked!

  • The two-sided desk/bookshelf

 This pin didn't actually lead to plans or even a description once I clicked on it. But the picture was enough to inspire the desk that Jack made for our schooling this year. I am so glad I found this idea on Pinterest!

  • The Tree of Thanks
This pin inspired our Tree of Thanks that we have done during the month of November for the past 2 years. I absolutely love it!!

  • Infinity Scarf

I used this tutorial to make infinity scarfs for three very special ladies for Christmas this year. My Aunt Connie, and the two girls who let me pretend to be young and cool with them, Ruth and Devyn.

  • Father's Day Gift

This pin was the inspiration for our Father's Day gift for Jack last year. It turned out great!

  • Jar of Fun

I made a Jar of Fun for our family last summer that was great fun! I had planned to make a Winter version, but never got to it. Maybe next Winter. But we will definitely be pulling the Jar of Fun back out this Summer!

  • Swiffer Wetjet Refill
This is very possibly my favorite Pinterest find- how to refill your swiffer wetjet and not keep buying the expensive Swiffer solution! I do not use the cleaner they suggest in the post, because I really love the scent of Murphy Oil Soap, so I refill mine with warm water and 3 capfulls of Murphy Oil soap! It works like a charm!!
  •  DIY Firepit

Jack and I used this to make our own fire pit in the backyard last fall. It turned out great. Can't wait to use it this Spring and Summer!

  • DIY Storage Bins

Although these turned out nice, they were not actually very cheap because fabric is expensive, y'all!! But the reason they made my list here is that they were the first thing I made on my yardsale find sewing machine- my first time using a sewing machine since I was like 13. So, because they gave me the courage to trying sewing they made the list. And if you are like my mother-in-law and have tons of fabric then they'd be really cheap to make!

So, there you go! A few things I've made from Pinterest that I am so happy I found there! I'll have to do another post for recipes, because there are quite a few of those that I love. And be on the lookout. Coming this Spring and Summer we'll be doing some kids' bedroom work inspired by pinterest finds! Now, go get busy putting some of those pins into action!


rmfujino said…
Carrie.. you ARE young and cool.

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