So Much Grace...

576. a weekend in november with great friends

577. letterboxing.... first find with "The Night Owls"

578. finding caleb and ava's future wedding site

579. these two 

580. his tender heart and the letter he wrote her

581. silly faces

582. our tree of thanks

582. cutting down our christmas tree

583. helpers

584. riding the train together

585. my reindeer

586. and the carousel 

587. meeting the grinch

588. christmas lights

589. when caleb and noah make each other giggle in the back seat of the van

590. watching her first time on the chick-fil-a playground

591. thanksgiving with my favorite people

592. first krispy kreme

593. two knights and their princess

594. siah snuggles

595. a cute new student

596. date nights 

597. flowers from caleb

598. these girls

599. surprise picnic

600. this group


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