Florida Trip- Part 3

After vising friends all weekend, we spend Sunday night and Monday doing fun family stuff. Sunday night we went to Downtown Disney to enjoy the nighttime events- we danced with Phineas and Ferb, Caleb was attacked by a statue, we took a boat ride, we saw a show and we ate ice cream for dinner. Vacation fun for all!

Then on Monday we started with breakfast in bed. We loaded the car and checked out of our hotel (which we were able to pay for with points! It was super nice condo style- two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, two baths. And it was a resort with an awesome pool that we enjoyed on Saturday night), and went back to Downtown Disney. Today we played in the toy stores- we especially loved the Leggo store with all of the building stations out front. We spent a while building and racing dragons there. For lunch we ate at Rainforest Cafe. The kids loved it. Even Eden. She thought the animals were funny and whenever the thunderstorm would sound and all of the animals would go crazy she'd say, "Uh oh" over and over. The kids had been so good the whole trip we let them choose an animal from the gift shop- Caleb got a tree frog named Cha-cha, Noah got a rhino named Tuff, Siah got a gorilla named Bamba, and Eden got a giraffe she calls Baby.

We left Downtown Disney and hit the road for Jacksonville to stay with Jack's sister and her family. But on the way we stopped by the beach for a bit. I mean, you can't go to Florida and  not see the beach! And we ended the night with Audra and Koty. Tuesday we drove home. It was an incredible trip.


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