Vacation Gratitude

We just returned home from a wonderful week long vacation. We've never been able to afford an entire week away, but thanks to God's grace towards us and an awesome "coincidence" we were able to this year. And what a wonderful week it was... full of His many gifts.

476. brothers so silly

476. my four on vacation

478. boogie boarding boy joy

479. little monkey on a boogie board, too

480. eating sand

481. naps on the beach

482. friends on vacation, too

483. my mighty racers

484. hot pink lady

485. mother's day at the beach

486. ocean waves and breezes

487. pool time

488. me and my love

489. this one is so crazy

490. putt-putt with a bunch of pirates

491. my boys

492. daddy and his girl

493. heart melting pictures

494. he's so big, so fast

495. reading 6 books in a week
496. night-time snuggles learning about ocean life
497. rest
498. hot now donuts

 499. my daughter love

500. lots of time with the ones who matter most

(Halfway there!)


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