A New Year and Still Counting

Life constantly moves and changes, but the Author of Life remains the same. Because He is always good and His glory fills the whole earth, shouldn't every moment be filled with praise? To that end.....

426. spontaneous singing in the backseat

427. warm temperatures

428. sommer

429. her tiny hands clasped together

430. singing bedtime songs

431. family worship

432. the way he is beginning to understand scripture

434. when they wrestle and giggle

435. surprising him for his birthday

436. chinese take-out

437. "wook at dis eden"

438. listening to them praise

439. the way noah remembers a bible story

440. fresh baked yummies

441. a walk with a friend

442. free pancakes

443. sun warm on winter skin

444. hearing thousands praise Him, in many languages, knowing He knows them all

445. being with him at passion

446. when she falls asleep with a paci in each hand

447. the way she nuzzles

448. quiet evening at home

449. water droplets on branches

450. painted faces


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