My friend and I have been reading Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts together. And recently she told me about her favorite Lecrae song. Jack loves Lecrae so we already had the album on our iPod. I really like Lecrae, too, but had not listened to this song a lot. After she told me about it, I listened to it and it is my new favorite song. It says everything so well. Every moment a gift so undeserved that I shouldn't have known. And so I live and breathe and make this list to make my boast in Him alone.

351. middle of the night snuggles with siah, nose to nose

352. baby rolls

353. brother unity

354. christie

355. mild fall temperatures

356. anticipation of time away

355. late night talks

356. spiritual talks

357. tree of thanks

358. remedy church

359. cry of the broken

360. family photo session

361. pumpkin cookies

362. her blue eyes

363. josiah and owen hugs

364. dinner with friends

365. singing

366. apples and peanut butter

367. the incredible colors of a fall sunset

368. laughing with him

369. kitchen experiments

370. reading a good book

371. belly button

372. eden on the phone with daddy

373. visiting with an old friend

374. jamie

375. when she smiles at her brothers


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