The Journey Continues

I am still counting, still looking, still praising. I am still allowing the grace of God to change my heart. It was His cross bearing, blood poured grace that saved me. And it is His moment by moment, blessing by blessing, day by day graces that change me, touch me, teach me, push me. What would my life look like if I took notice of His daily grace? What if I lived in a place of gratitude for all He does and all He gives? How would it change my marriage, my mothering, my kids if I chose joy over bitterness, gratitude over stress, peace over worry? This is my journey, my walk with Him. As He touches and moves, I want to see, to praise. I want to know Him so intimately that I cannot help but see all He does, recognize His every moving. I want my heart to beat with His.

For these things, I praise Him because they are all from Him as everything belongs to Him. 
251. new seasons come
252. "hey guys!" as the little one follows behind
253. hairbows on a baby girl

254.tickle-fest giggles
255. pumpkin candles
256. three boys under a fort
257. watching football with him
256. baby smiles
258. that i can still carry them to bed
259. when she falls asleep in my arms

260. Siah sings
261. cooler days
262. three blonde heads together on the floor
263. caleb's praise
264. a son's faith
265. spontaneous hugs
266. teaching at home
267. pumpkin spice lattes
268. laughter over silly memories
269. when he calls her ladybug
270. her little hand wrapped around my finger
271. a brother's bedtime story

272. hey mommy
273. when siah pulls me close
274. new recipes
275. he never leaves me without a kiss


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