Eden's Pictures

We have a set of black and white pictures of each of the boys hanging in our home. It all started when Caleb was about 3 weeks old and our friend Heidi, a photographer, offered to take pictures for us. She took some great ones of Caleb- our favorite of Caleb in Jack's hand.

And then when Noah was born, Heidi no longer lived in our area, so we went to a portrait studio and had them do similar shots of Noah. Here are our two favorite of Noah at about 2 weeks old.

And when Josiah was born, we went back to the same portrait studio- but we were a little later with him and he was about 6 weeks old. Here are his pictures:

Today, we decided that since we have such a nice camera, we should try to take the pictures ourselves and save the money of a professional photographer. We are really happy with the way Eden's pictures turned out. And it is neat to see which one of the boys she looks the most like. What do you think?


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