No Post Today.... maybe Tomorrow?

I had planned to write more blog posts today to get us caught up! I need to share about my baby shower, the boys' performance at school, our trip to the homeschool conference and mother's day.

But we had a pretty eventful night last night. A really bad storm came through at about 1:00 am. Josiah and Caleb both ended up in the bed with us, Noah slept through it all! It was pretty severe. At about 1:45 we lost power and we still do not have it! There is a HUGE oak tree down at the end of our driveway from the yard across the street. We lost some limbs, but that is about all.

This morning the boys' school was closed due to the power outage. I had a doctor's appointment and of course, since they were out of school, everyone came with us to the doctor. After the appointment, we drove back home hoping our power would be back, but it was not. We had heard from the secretary at the BCM that they had partial power, so instead of staying in our dark, hot house, we decided to bring the boys and me up to the BCM today. On the way we decided to drive through our neighborhood and see what other damage there was. Our neighborhood got hit pretty badly! There are lots of trees down- a few on houses. Lots of big branches down and our road is impassable because of that big oak tree. Caleb's teacher, Melissa, lives in our neighborhood and we saw her as we drove around. Her husband is on the City Council. He got a call saying most people will have power by the end of the day, but that some would be without power for 2 days. We all agreed that the 2 day people might be us as we surveyed the neighborhood. So, we headed back home to load coolers with our food (of course I just went grocery shopping last night!). Thankfully, the half of the BCM that has power included the kitchen, so we were able to store our food here in the refrigerator and freezer.

We are all at the BCM now. Half of the building has power. It is quite random actually. Some rooms the lights work but not the plugs, other rooms nothing works at all. Thankfully we have the fridge and the back room with the TV works so at least the boys can watch PBS. Unfortunately, the air conditioning is not working... so this pregnant woman is still hot! I found a plug to work my computer, and the internet works, but all of my pictures for the previously mentioned blog posts are at home on the memory card! So, not posts for today. We're just going with the flow here! Praying we get power at our house soon!

And just because I know most of you only read this blog to see pics of the boys... here are some I've taken recently on my new smart phone! Enjoy!


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