I Needed This Today

Oh, today.... there are mounds of laundry to be done, packing a husband and kids for a week away, toys toys everywhere, diapers to change and meals to make... and yet there are three precious faces smiling, laughing, giggling, asking mommy to stop and play. What is as busy homemaker to do? And then God intervenes, once again through Ann Voskamp-

"Homemaking is about making a home
— and a home is a safe place, a refuge, a place to be real and alive and truest true.

Homemaking is not about making perfection.

I laugh, emancipated: A perfect home may not at all be a neat as a pin home.

Perfect does not equate to immaculate.
The two do not match, compute, correspond. (Ah, the simple wonder of it!)

A perfect home is an authentic, creative, animated space where Peace and Love and Beauty are embraced.....

That little word yes!, that little three letter word opens the world up wide. I slip the feet out from the sheets and walk the old floors and I laugh it in the shower, whisper it to the mirror, nod it into the grinning faces of children: “Yes, Yes!, YES!” Such a joy habit, this!

.... I nod my epiphany: Saying Yes will mean a mess.
And the mess may be perfect.

For creativity and discovery is a work of courage — and we forge a trail and leave a wake of mistakes and this part of what it is to be perfectly human.

Over the din I hear the blue jay call and I embrace Yes, and Mess, and Perfection Himself who happily dwells in the place."

So today, I will embrace yes. I will embrace the mess. I will try to accomplish all that needs to be done, but not at the expense of the goal of making a HOME. Spring Cleaning is certainly a good goal.  It is nice when laundry is clean and put away. But more important, more lasting, in fact the only eternal goal is investing not in a clean house but in creating a home. This will be my perspective today as I live amongst this joy:


dmc2 said…
Thanks so much, Carrie. This Carrie needed it, too.
I needed to read this because I often forget how important it is to stop my "chores" and have fun.

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