Our First Weekend in Rock Hill and Christmas Decorations

Last weekend was our first here in Rock Hill. Our house was full of boxes and all I wanted to do it unpack, but I knew the boys needed to have some fun and I wanted for us to enjoy our first weekend here as a family. We got here just in time for an annual festival called Christmasville. It was a lot of fun. Friday morning a new Children's Museum opened on Main Street and our friends got us free tickets. It is really cute! And the boys had a blast.
Here are some pics from the museum:
 Caleb and Noah playing house with their friends Jayce and Charis

 Puppet time! Yes, Noah has finally overcome his deathly fear of puppets!

 Josiah checks out an otter puppet

 The train table with Conductor Noah and Caleb

The Muesum

 Caleb the Knight

 Noah the mean knight

 Caleb the conductor

 Noah the pirate

Our family-the museum is an old bank and they kept the vault and turned it into the dress-up area. Very cool! Caleb was very sad that we had to leave. 

Then on Saturday we decided to enjoy more of Christmasville. We went to Santa's Toy Workshop where the boys got to make toys with Santa. It was very cool. We started on the young kids area and the boys glued and painted snowmen, but the older kids side had hammers and of course Caleb insisted we go over there. So then we went and built a bug box together. It was really a neat event. Then the boys went to jumped in the inflatables and we loaded up the van and drove a few minutes to Glencairn Gardens for Storytime with Santa. He read the story of Rudolph and then the kids got to sit on his lap and get their picture made. Even though we don't really do Santa in our house, the boys had a good time and both told Santa they want a "new toy" for Christmas (whew!). 

Jack had to stay in the picture because, as you can see, Josiah was not so sure about Santa! 

Sunday we got up and went to our friend, Phud's, church and we enjoyed a lunch right in the middle of downtown at Old Town Bistro. We got a booth by the window and the boys had a great time watching the Christmasville festivities outside. Then we drove about 20 minutes out to a cut your own Christmas tree farm. It was very fun (and on a side note, we got a great Christmas card photo there!). If you know me and my preference for Christmas trees, you know that I want a BIG one- tall and fat. Unfortunately, this farm only had smallish trees! It took us forever to choose one. But we finally did. And actually it turned out good that I didn't get the large tree since our smallish one fits quite nicely in our new living room. After we got our tree, we traveled home and decorated outside and inside. We had fun and I think it turned out pretty great!

Ready to cut down a tree!

Daddy and Noah

 Daddy had lots of help!

 Decorating the tree


The fireplace in the family room does not have a mantle, so we improvised! 

All in all, it was a great first weekend in our new home town. I am looking forward to making lots of memories here!


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