Happy Anniversary!

Nine years ago today I married my best friend!! It's hard to believe it's been nine years. We got married and Jack started seminary and I started teaching. We had an amazing 4 years in seminary, moved into our first home together- a two bedroom apartment on Thornrose Way in Wake Forest, made lifelong friends, grew together, went on vacations including a cruise, stayed at an amazing bed and breakfast, went to Haiti on a mission trip and many more great memories. And then 5 and a half years ago, God called us to our first church and we bought our first home. And in this home we've had three beautiful children born to us- in 2006, 2008 and 2009. And they have brought us great joy and taught us even more about love and marriage. And now here we are, 9 years later- about to head to Africa together, raising our children, growing in love. It has been the greatest adventure. I shared with my bible study girls last night that I've never experienced a love like the love I have for this man. He fills my life with joy and he loves me with the love of Christ. I want to grow old with him. I love to watch him be a daddy. I love to hang out with him. I love laughing and talking with him. I love going on dates. I love going on family trips. Happy Anniversary, Jack!!! I love you no matter what forever and ever!

PS- He is the most amazing husband. As you know, money is very tight. So you know what he did? He made me flowers! Seriously, he went online and learned how to make origami flowers and when I woke up this morning they were waiting for me. They are so much better than real flowers! The time and effort.... wow! I certainly feel loved and valued this morning!!


Kelly R said…
Carrie, this post was so sweet. Jack, that is the best anniversary present I have ever seen. Go you!

Happy anniversary to you both!
The Maguire's said…
that is the sweetest gift ever!! you guys truly have a special relationship...glad you know how to cherish it so honestly and deeply!

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