The boys meet Josiah

Here is the precious video we took in the hospital of Caleb and Noah meeting Josiah. They were so sweet with him as you can see. It touched my heart. And then, Josiah brought his big brothers each a gift because he was so excited to be their brother! Caleb especially was very excited that Josiah brought him a gift. I am so grateful to have this little video to preserve such a precious moment!

And the big boys continue to be enthralled with their baby brother. This morning, they took turns holding him for about 10 minutes- first Noah, then Caleb, then Noah again, well you get the picture. And Josiah is such a sweet baby- no complaints from him as he was passed back and forth and kissed over and over! The boys even let me take several pictures of them, which almost never happens!!


O'Dell Family said…
Oh my goodness! This is SO very sweet! What a treasure to have captured this moment! Hope y'all are doing well with the party of five!!
GiGi said…
Oh I love them so much!!! I hope we are able to meet Josiah soon. Tell the boys Aunt Bel and Uncle Thomas love them very much, and we'll talk to them soon!

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