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So, ever since Caleb was born, we have taken a few short videos with our digital camera. But we never really knew what to do with them. We uploaded a few to youtube, but they were unedited and kind of long. And then about a year ago, Jack really got into video editing at church. In fact, his title was changed to Student and Media Pastor because he was doing so much of it. And so last year he made the video of the trip to the zoo, our vacation, our Christmas and a few others.

But I knew we had videos from the 2006 and 2007 that we just stored on discs. I really wanted to preserve these sweet videos. So I asked Jack to edit all of the footage from 2006 into a video and all of the footage from 2007 into a video. Our plan is to put these all onto a DVD to have for always.

And so this weekend, Jack made the two videos. And I love them! Especially the 2006 video. I can't believe how much Caleb has grown in only 3 years. Sometimes it is hard to remember that he was ever that small! Time moves along so quickly, I just want to cherish every moment. These precious boys grow and change so fast, I feel like I am going to turn around and they will be all grown up! And while I truly have loved every stage and find that as they get older they are so much fun, as I watch these videos part of me misses my baby. I hope you enjoy a look into the past as much as I did. And still to come, a video from the shots we took in 2008 that didn't make it into one of the other videos!!




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