Caleb Turns 3!

So, the day after we got home from Virginia was Caleb's third birthday! We decided to take him out to lunch anywhere he wanted to go and he chose La Parilla, our favorite mexican restaurant! To our delight, they put a sombrero on his head and sang Feliz Cumplianos!

That night, after dinner we had M&M cookies and he opened his presents from Mommy and Daddy and Aunt Connie. We gave him a basketball goal, which he loves to dunk on. Even his brother got into the action!
Then on Saturday we had his party. We rented a room at a local rec center and park, and we had a Go Diego Go party! All of his little friends came- we had tacos, chips, salsa and cheese dip in honor of Diego's heritage. All of the kids made spotting scopes so they could be animal rescuers just like Diego. Then we went out to the playground to "rescue" some animals that had been hidden by Aunt Stacey and Uncle Andrew (thank you to my friend Shelley for this awesome party game idea!!). The kids loved it! Then we came in for cake and presents. It was a wonderful day!

It is so hard to believe he is already 3 years old. There are time when he tries our patience (as all 3 year olds do!), but he really is such a sweet boy. The other day after I got him settled in his bed for his nap, I grabbed his hamper of dirty clothes to take to the wash.

He said, "Whatcha doin Mommy?"

"Taking your clothes to wash them."

"Oh ok, well just be careful because they are very heavy!"

And for another precious antidote make sure you click on the link to Jack's blog and read about Jesus and Thomas the Train. Truly he is a precious child who fills our lives with joy and laughter. Happy Birthday sweet Caleb! Thanks for 3 wonderful years!

The kids and their spotting scopes and tacos!

Caleb's Diego Cake (no I didn't make this one! It's from Publix!)

Rescuing Animals on the Playground


GiGi said…
I wish we could have been there. Happy birthday, Caleb!

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