My Happy Boys

I am so very blessed. My boys love each other so much! Noah's face lights up when he sees Caleb and Caleb loves to be with Noah. They bring me such joy. I love to watch them smile and laugh. I wonder if this is just a glimpse into the heart of God. When my boys are happy, I am filled with joy. I love to watch them love each other and care about one another. I will do just about anything to make them happy- don't we all? I sing songs and make faces that I wouldn't want any of you to see! But if it makes them smile, it is worth it! Is this how God feels when he lavishes us with His love, when He fills our lives with blessings? Does it fill Him with joy to see us love each other? And what about the times He blesses us and loves us, but it doesn't seem to make us happy? Is He as discouraged as we are when we try to make our children happy and it dosen't seem to work? Being a parent really has changed, challenged and expanded my understanding of God in a way that nothing else has. There was an entire part of His character- His fatherhood- that until I had my own children, I was unable to truly understand. And as I sit here and watch this video completely in love with these two precious boys, I am reminded that the Creator of the Universe sits in heaven and is completely in love with me. Wow!

So, I hope you enjoy this video of Caleb and Noah. It is a joy being their mother- more than I ever thought it could be! And I love that they love each other. I know one day they will be teenagers and will probably be completely annoyed by the other, and so I will save this video and remind them about how much they used to adore one another!


I love this entry! It gave me so much to think about:)

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