Becoming a Blogger

So I have decided to become a blogger. Do I have anything profound to say? Hardly. Will anyone even want to read my random ramblings? I am not sure. This will just be a place to share what happens in my little world. I am the mother of two little ones, Caleb who is two and Noah who is two months. I am the wife of an amazing man, Jack, and we are in the ministry together. This blog will be a way to share what happens in our little world- sometimes it may be funny, sometimes serious, sometimes spiritual, I really don't know! We'll see what comes out!

I named my blog Little Things because the longer I live the more I realize that it is the little things that make life fun. Who knew that celebrating tee-tee in the potty would make me smile? Or that my heart would melt when Caleb says, "Need some more Mommy" or when Noah first smiled? Or that taking a nap with my husband on a Saturday afternoon would be the best part of the weekend? What I have come to realize is that my life as a stay at home mom is comprised of lots of little things. Little people and little moments. And so now, I will be sharing these with you. I hope you enjoy!


Pops and Gammie said…
Yay . . . I'll check in from time to time to see what's going on in the Blankenship family! How fun it is to see your pictures.
karenh said…
What fun Carrie!! I look forward to reading. We miss you guys everyday - this will almost be like a fix!
Seeing your picture with your 3 men is like a flashback - just be careful if you think of adding a girl to that picture - you know what can happen next!!
Hugs & Kisses - Karen

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