Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Girl

Every night before bed, I sing a song to the kids. They each have their own song that I've sung to them from birth. Caleb's is Stevie Wonder's "You Are the Sunshine of My Life," Noah's is The Four Tops' "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch," Josiah's is Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You" and Eden's is of course, the Temptations' "My Girl." Just recently Eden has started "singing"with me when I sing to her at bedtime. Tonight, Jack caught us on video. She is just precious. I just had to share the video on here. My singing voice won't win any awards, but I sure do love singing to my kiddos each night for as long as they'll let me.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Triple Bunk Beds and Hardwood Floors

We decided that when we move Eden out of her crib, we'll move her into a queen sized bed so that when guests come, she can bunk with her brothers and they have somewhere to sleep. That means all three boys will be in a room together. How do you get three boys in one relatively small room? Triple bunk bed! I found these plans on Pinterest at the Handmade Dress. To help spread out the cost, we decided to go ahead and move the boys now and get that cost paid for before we move Eden this summer.

And while we were moving all of the furniture in the bedrooms, we decided to investigate the floors underneath the carpet. We found hardwood! Our awesome landlord gave us his blessing to tear out the carpet (and man was it gross underneath!!!!!) and we cleaned up the beautiful floors underneath.

Yesterday Jack built the bunks and we let the boys paint their bed the color they wanted out of the bedding. They loved painting them! Oh, and let me tell you a great story about the bedding. We bought two sets of the bedding 3 years ago at Target when Josiah was born and Caleb and Noah moved in together. I love the bedding. But Target no longer makes it. I figured someone had to be selling a used set on ebay- problem was I couldn't remember the name of the pattern. Then I remembered that a year  or two ago my college friend Courtney had posted a picture on her blog and I remembered noticing the same bedding in the background. I sent Courtney a message to see if she knew the name of the pattern, and she told me they were getting ready to change out that bedding and graciously offered to send me her set!! How awesome is that?! So, now we have three matching sets all ready for a triple bunk.

Today Jack's parents came to help us get the bunk bed assembled and built a closet organizer (based off of this design found on pinterest). Right now, at 7:30 the boys are in their beds. They asked to go to bed at 6:45! Figuring that if I said yes they'd be up before the sun tomorrow, I let them go play their leapsters in their beds.

The end result of a week's work is, what I think, an incredibly awesome bedroom for three boys!

The Before:

The After:

The closet organizer: shoe storage, individual hampers and shelves for extra clothes storage.

 (we painted the posts between the beds the same color as the wall so it looks like they are floating!)

Side by Sides: